In 1976 I built my first house. It was a “Solar Adobe.” I went on to “Environmentally Responsible,” then to Tire Houses, Straw houses and even a small Daub and Wattle building pursuing Sustainable building. Being a charter subscriber of Environmental Building News I read about the LEED for Homes Sustainable building prescription but I saw it as daunting, beyond the time I could devote to it and my ability to “understand” it in its complexity…. Then I met Ryan Moore with Green Insight who carefully, calmly, with great expertise and knowledge of LEED for Homes explained how LEED for Homes gives builders as much choice as possible to earn points toward LEED certification…. That I as the builder can go through the (now not daunting) checklist and pick all the stuff I already did, and the stuff like location, size, and where the house was that points were given for. Then go through the list  again and pick all the “easy stuff” that points were awarded for…. Add it up…. and voila…. I only needed 10 points of “harder” (not that hard) stuff to make Platinum… “Dang, this is not hard at all.”

As I went through my first LEED building project I was again and again impressed with Ryan’s textbook knowledge of LEED for Homes requirements and his ability and eagerness to clearly explain/answer my questions.  Ryan is why I am now a LEED builder. He is always just a phone call away (he answers his phone) with the answer…. His attitude is of a team member, he is working toward making the project a success, he is there to help whenever and however he can….

Thank You Again, Ryan,

Ed Paschich

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Edward O. Paschich, Paschich Design Group