Multifamily/Multi-Unit Services

Multifamily Developers look to Green Insight when:

  • They want a green building certification, but don't want the hassle involved.  They want a consultant to quarterback the process and make it as simple as possible for them.
  • They need to value-engineer the construction costs to meet green building program, incentive thresholds, and/or energy efficiency requirements.
  • They need green building consultants that are extremely knowledgeable and able to provide valuable input in the early stages of design. 
  • They need someone to demystify the green building certification process (such as LEED for Homes or Enterprise Green Communities).
  • They need a consultant to make the process simple and understandable enough so that any subcontractor can do the work and meet the requirements.
  • They are looking to maximize use of potential incentives such as tax credits and utility rebates. 
  • And occassionally, they need a team to come in and "save" a green building process gone awry.  We have been able to do this on several occassions.

    We help project teams meet green building program requirements and achieve certification. We perform third-party visual verification and performance testing. We help project teams understand the most cost-effective options to increase energy efficiency through our energy modeling and value engineering processes. We perform project assessments to help project teams understand viable options to meet critical green building requirements.

    Green Insight continues to grow in the multifamily green building certification market because we make it simpler, easier, more cost-effective, always achieve the targeted certification goal, and obtain the incentive money.  Clients rave about our work because we operate differently from others in the marketplace - We are your Green Building Team.

    • Nobody is as tirelessly focused on making the green building process as simple as possible for our clients to complete.
    • We have certified over 4000 units of multifamily housing and over 1650 of those have been LEED for Homes Platinum affordable housing units.
    • We provide value.  We are diligently responsive and communicate at every stage of the process so that there are no surprises.
    • We are relied upon to be the experts who know the process and the details so you don't have to.
    • We are the only LEED for Homes Provider that will work with you wherever you build, providing a consistent process across projects.
    • We provide the training necessary to ensure project success.
    • Our clients stick with us year after year, and project after project. 

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