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The following links are arranged by credits of the LEED for Homes checklist.  If you have a link to submit, please use our Contact Us form.  We appreciate your help in building this list. 




  • LL2: Site Selection - Need to find the radius around your project - say 100 ft from wetlands?  This website is an excellent resource.  www.freemaptools.com/radius-around-point.htm
  • LL5: Community Resources / Transit
    • Need to find the radius around your project - say 1/4 or 1/2 mile?  This website is an excellent resource.  www.freemaptools.com/radius-around-point.htm  
      • Power User: Download the KML file from the website and open it with Google Earth.  Then you can choose to display a variety of resources (Google won't show them all, so you might have to combine with other maps or a site visit).
    • Find more local resources with WalkScore.




  • EA 11.1: Refrigerant Charge Test - The HVAC contractor can use their own form to document this prerequisite, but a good substitute is the ENERGY STAR for Homes v3, revision 8 HVAC Commissioning Checklist Sections 1 and 2.


  • MR 2.1: FSC Certified Tropical Wood - This prerequisite requires that all wood suppliers (lumber, cabinets, trim, etc.) be notified for your preferences for tropical wood.  If you are not using tropical wood, you still have to send out the letters.  To demonstrate compliance, your LEED for Homes Green Rater only needs copies of the outgoing letters, not any response from the wood suppliers.  Here is template language you can cut and paste into your own letterhead and send out.  
  • MR 2.2: Environmentally Preferable Products
  • MR 3.2: Construction Waste Reduction - Track waste in volume or yards, don't mix.  You can track both and use the end percentage that earns the most points if you wish.  In our experience, tracking by weight usually works out best. Sometimes the hauler will track all your waste tickets and provide a report at the end of the project which includes % waste diverted.  If not, you can create your own form or try our handy Construction Waste Diversion Log.


  • Many rehab units require asbestos abatement.  You need to hire an expert for this, and this is your guide...
  • EQ 8.3: Preoccupancy Flush - This credit may seem overwhelming for a multifamily building, but our Flush Out Log makes tracking relatively simple. 


  • AE 1.1: Basic Operations Training - USGBC conveniently provides a template and instructions.  Yes - read the instructions!  You will be happy you did.  Besides the manual, you need a plan to implement the training (on an ongoing basis for rental properties) and an agenda for the training.
  • AE 2: Education of the Building Manager - This is essentially the same as AE 1.1 above, but the manual must be customized for the Buidling Manager. The instructions and template above apply to this credit too. 

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