April 12, 2019

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When you put your home on the market, you want it to be there for as short a time as possible. While you can't control whether or not your house sells, you can do your part to make the place as attractive as possible.
Real estate agents suggest you wait before spending money on big renovations if you are preparing your house to sell. Instead of a full remodel of your kitchen or bathroom, you should adjust your asking price accordingly. However, any homeowner can do some of these DIY projects to make sure their property appeals to buyers and highlights its best features.

Clean Everything

When you live in a place for a long time, you tend to get comfortable with things like a cobweb here and there. However, people who are looking for a new home see everything and are willing to use any excuse to dismiss a property from their many options. That's why it is so important that people putting their house on the market give their place the deepest clean humanly possible. Beyond your usual cleaning checklist, homeowners should sweep, mop or vacuum up dust hanging around vents, ceiling corners and around less-commonly used furnishings in the house. Sometimes it's best to hire a pro to do this work. You'll generally pay $142 - $290 for a cleaning service in Albuquerque. If while you are cleaning you see signs of mold such as water stains, musty odor, or even visible mold, it is best to step away and call a mold remediation professional. Mold spores are microscopic, so having your home checked before you put it on the market is certainly a smart move.


When people tour your house, they look around and try and see themselves living there. If your place is covered in family photos, personal memorabilia and things that scream "you," it can make it more difficult for them to picture their life there. That's why real estate agents always advise homeowners to de-personalize their property before putting it on the market. While it's no fun packing up the things you love, think of it as getting a bulk of the relocating work done way ahead of time. And while you may have the space at home to store your stuff, you want to keep all areas free and clear to showcase how much storage your home has to offer for potential buyers. Consider renting an offsite storage unit to keep all your items safe, dry and out of the way. In Albuquerque, the cost to rent a small self-storage unit is under $50 a month.

Focus on Value

One of the best ways to upgrade your home to sell is to pick a few renovations that make a big impact. For example, if you have any loud colors on your walls, consider painting them a neutral color, as anything too over the top has a tendency to put off prospective buyers. And if you're concerned that some of your rooms look a little too drab, put up some drapes and curtains to give these areas some much-needed personality. Additionally, if you place your curtains a bit higher and wider than the window frame, the room will look bigger and taller than it actually is, which is good when you're trying to create an impressive space. Other high-value projects include installing granite countertops, updating cabinet hardware (expect to pay anywhere from $2 to $20 per knob), and adding molding.

Refine Your Landscaping

If you want people to be interested in your house, the first thing to work on is its curb appeal. If your home fails to hook people in with its first impression, you are going to have a harder time pulling in the numbers you need to sell your home quickly. One of the easiest things you can do to improve your property's curb appeal is clean up your landscaping. Pull weeds, re-mulch flower beds and trim back bushes and vines for an overall aesthetic improvement.

If you are considering making any major adjustments to your yard, think green. That is, keep the environmental impact of your landscape renovations to a minimum and opt for earth-friendly landscaping projects such as planting a rain garden or adding shade trees. Younger homebuyers today are looking for energy efficiency and eco-conscious features on property. Another smart project to consider is adding solar lights (which can be purchased for under $20) to walkways and along certain landscaping features. Once you have them set up, take a nighttime photo to add to your listing as a way to showcase your home's round-the-clock appeal.

When it comes to making your property more appealing before putting it on the market, you don't have to invest big bucks into renovations. In fact, most real estate agents suggest you avoid these updates and instead adjust your asking price. If you want to highlight what your home has to offer, you can do so by refining your landscaping, giving your home the deepest clean, and depersonalizing your space so other people can see themselves in it.


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