Affiliate Raters

What is an Affiliate Rater?

Green Insight works with Multifamily Developers nationally out of our home offices in Colorado and New Mexico, and while we handle all the background of a project, we often need a local Rater to do all the testing and verific

ation on a project.  Basically, the Affiliate Rater is our eyes and ears on a project.

Can my rating company be an Affiliate Rater?


Companies become Affiliate Raters of Green In

sight because:

  1. Green Insight brings the work.  There are no marketing, lead generation, or sales expenses to figure in so jobs are more profitable. 
  2. The reduced scope of work on a project greatly simplifies things; it's just testing and verification which is relatively straightforward and simple.  Risk is also reduced. 
  3. Green Insight doesn't dictate how the work gets done, so they can keep their current processes.
  4. Green Insight doesn't dictate the price.  It is a competitive bid process like most other projects they bid on.
  5. Green Insight makes it easy for them to collect and report data. 
  6. Green Insight sticks to the payment terms agreed to in the Statement of Work, whether or not the Prime Contractor is paying Green Insight.  And Green Insight pays it's bills on time.
  7. They can develop a relationship with Green Insight over a few projects and gain exclusivilty in their territory.

How it Works:

  1. Green Insight is asked to put in a proposal for a project in your area.
  2. We contact the qualified companies and/or individuals in the area to guage interest.
  3. Those interested are sent a very specific bid package.
  4. Bids are reviewed by Green Insight, and the winning bidder is informed.
  5. Green Insight submits their proposal, and if awarded the project, we get to work with our new Affiliate Rater right away.
  6. For new Affiliate Raters, a Green Insight representative will be present at early on-site meetings and/or inspections for both quality assurance and to solidify the new relationship.  We may also do some remote QA via smart phone. 
  7. As project proceeds, communication is regular and site data is collected by the Affiliate Rater.  Reports are sent to Green Insght.
  8. When all on-site testing and verification is completed and the data has been transferred, Green insight closes out any final invoices, and it's time to start thinking about our next project together. 


If we have already contacted you about a specific job in your area, please include the name of the job when you fill out the contact form.  We look forward to getting a bid package out to you.

If we don't have a job in your area, you can still get on our pre-quallified Affiliate Rater list.  If we have a project in your area, you will be the first to hear about it.  Send us a message that you would like to be on our list through the contact form at the right side of the page.  We will let you know what information we need to pre-qualify you.

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