The most generous green building program in the U.S. !

Our clients have earned more than $8 million from this tax credit. 


  1. Certify at Silver level or higher in either the LEED for Homes or th eBuild Green New Mexico Program.
  2. Earn a HERS rating of 60 or less. 

Tax credits earned are per conditioned square footage up to a maximum of 2000 square feet.  Tax credit rates per square foot are:

  1. Silver level certification = $3.00/sf
  2. Gold level certification = $4.50/sf
  3. Platinum level certification = $6.50/sf

Don't have a tax burden that you can offset with credits? 

No problem.  These tax credits are transferrable and sellable.  They typically sell for around 80 cents on the dollar.

Multifamily Building Example:

For simplicity, assume a building with 2 unit types of 600 and 800 square feet each. Further assume 60 units (30 of each unit type). The building certifies LEED for Homes Gold and the average HERS rating is 57 (all are 60 or below). This project qualifies for the $4.50/sf rate. Every unit gets to claim a tax credit.

Total SBTC = ($4.50 x 600sf x 30 units) + ($4.50 x 800sf x 30 units) = $189,000

The tax credit really adds up for multifamily projects!

Single-Family Home Example: 

Assume a 2500 square foot home that certifies LEED for Homes Platinum with a HERS rating of 59.  This home qualifies at the $6.50/sf rate, but the tax credit only applies to the first 2000 square feet. 

Total SBTC = $6.50 x 2000 sf = $13,000


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John Bloomfield, NewLife Homes

NewLife Homes has worked with Green Insight on 3 projects; NLH4, Luna Lodge, and Sundowner, all of which achieved LEED Platinum.

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Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority completed the first 111 affordable LEED for Homes units in the Santa Fe area – Villa Alegre Phase 1 and 2. The project broke ground in June of 2010 and achieved platinum certification in November of 2012. The... Read More