Architects look to Green Insight when:

  • Searching for a simplified green building certification process for their multifamily projects.
  • They need green building consultants that are extremely knowledgeable and able to provide valuable input in the early stages of design.
  • They want to demystefy the LEED for Homes and/or Enterprise Communities certification process.
  • Searching for rebates or tax credits to offset the cost of green building program requirements.
  • When they have never been through a green building process and need a consultant with an excellent track record of success, who will provide training specifically for those new to green building, and will focus on making the process as simple as possible.

We help project teams meet green building program requirements and achieve certification and to understand the most cost-effective options to increase energy efficiency through our energy modeling and value engineering processes.

We perform project assessments to help project teams understand viable options to meet critical green building requirements.

Green Insight continues to excel in the multifamily green building certification market because:

  • We have certified over 4000 units of multifamily housing and over 1600 of those units have been LEED platinum affordable housing units. (our portfolio)
  • We are relied upon to be the experts who know the process and the details so you don’t have to.
  • We understand/speak the language of architects, develops and contractors to effectively facilitate the process.

Project Examples:

Bosque Residence, Albuquerque, NM Platinum Apartments, Albuquerque, NM Aspen Vision House, Aspen, CO